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5/19/12 10:55 pm

Does anybody here by chance know anybody that has been a surrogate or used one? 

3/28/12 08:23 pm - My Dante Dog

Today we found out our 4 year old pound puppy has cancer- lymphoma to be exact. He has been drinking A LOT and peeing around the house which is really out of character for him so we brought him to the vet last week. They couldn't figure out what was wrong so we brought him to the animal referral center on Monday and today they called us to tell us the results came back showing he has cancer. 


I called my family as soon as I found out. We haven't always been very close but in times of need, they really come through for yah. My brother put together a site for donating money and we've already got almost 200 dollars- we just found out he has cancer this afternoon. 

We are going back to the vet tomorrow but we already have pretty much decided to try chemotherapy with him. Without it he will live probably only 6 months (and without drug therapy at all he will only live 60 days). And chemotherapy will probably cost us 6 grand...

If anybody can offer any help to us, even if you can only offer 5 dollars, I'd greatly appreciate any help you have to offer. Dante is such a fabulous dog. We're really worried about Zeke because Zeke is so attached to Dante... 


11/9/11 09:53 am

I think I'm depressed. And burnt out. 

I need a new tattoo. 

7/8/11 07:34 pm

 I really want to get a tattoo of a mason jar. 

6/23/11 11:37 pm

 Southwest airlines is having a sale that ends tonight. So I on a whim got my mom and I tickets to go to Austin. 

I feel bad because Jerry isn't (and can't go because of his work and school) going. 

5/10/11 11:48 am

 I think my brain has already shut off for the semester... 

I went to the DMV this morning. The lady working asked to see my chest tattoo so I awkwardly showed her my chest. And now I'm supposed to be studying for my final but instead I'm making an MxPx mix CD and having 3 conversations with my brother (text, his fb wall and my fb wall). 

That is all... carry on... 

5/9/11 01:53 pm

 Today some guy that Jerry casually knows asked if I was his sister.
This is for some reason was much more awkward than when people think my brother and I are dating.

5/1/11 06:10 pm

 Lucy got a friend today. I named her Greta. She's extremely shy and extremely cute.



Jerry even helped me build them a platform thing to climb around on (awww, how sweet). 

4/30/11 07:20 am - Luuuuucccyyy


I got a pet rat today. Well, more so my dad got me a pet rat today. And he named her Lucy. She's a baby. 

I think I'm already turning into the crazy rat lady because I'm looking for a bigger cage for her non-stop online (I'm glad my old laptop is working)

4/4/11 03:27 pm

Today Jerry and I bought roller blades. I've never owned roller blades or even roller skates (other than those plastic playskool ones)
Should be interesting.

I also told the hospital I wasn't going to go back to HR today. I feel relieved and I'm glad that I won't be going back. It sucked.
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